Amazon Purchases


So you know when you watch Youtube videos and it makes you want to buy unnecessary things?

Yeah so here’s a Blog version of “Youtube made me buy it” review.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of manicure DIYs and most of the nail gurus on Youtube say that their secret to growing and having instant beautiful nails is to wear fake nails. Unlike Susie, from Nail Career Education, I don’t make the time to use gel or acrylic on my nails. Therefore the other alternative is to use press on nails. I’ve found these Makartt nails on Amazon for about 10$ and the nail glue as well, Kiss Maximum Speed, for about 4 $.


The package is easy to open and contains 500 pieces. It’s basically a big zip lock bag that has mini zip lock bags. The numbers on the mini zip lock bag help with being organized; each number is the different size, the bigger the number on the baggie the smaller the nail size.


Here I have, from left to right, size: 8, 4, 2, and 2. Yes, I now realize that the index finger should have a smaller nail and I will fix that when I actually glue it on! (Please forgive my hands, I am not a hand model)

The second item, the selfie ring light, was pretty cool. Although I do have some concerns; will I ever have to change the lights? It’s basically like a big clip that is also like a flash light and it comes with a charger. I wouldn’t say it’s the most sturdiest object but it will do. It has three setting and it can be clipped to almost anything.

I’m not sure if you could tell by the images but those are the three settings. It is a flattering light so it was worth the purchase. I got it off of Amazon for about 20$ and the brand name is So Go Cool.

So all in all, all these products were¬†about 35$ in total. I’m pretty satisfied and I guess it’s okay to buy unnecessary things for yourself…. as long as it’s not an everyday thing.

lol says the girl who has to pay for school tuition and fees,
and rent, and transportation, and…..